School Aged Program

Our School Aged Program is designed to build the social and academic skills of children and adolescents, aged 7 years and older, with developmental delays or skills deficits.

What skills do we teach?

While each program is tailored to the unique needs of the child and family, here are some of the common outcomes our School Aged Program learners achieve:

How does it work?

Our School Aged Program delivers intensive intervention supports. Evidence shows that early and intensive therapy is more effective in building a child’s skills.

Each behaviour therapy program is designed and directed by one of our experienced Therapy Supervisors. Lizard will also provide skilled Therapy Assistant(s) who form part of the team and deliver 1-on-1 therapy sessions with your child to teach new skills.

Behaviour therapy sessions will be provided in your home or in school. 

What will you need?

Our School Aged Program lasts for 10 months, and is suited to families who have the availability for at least 2 weekly sessions, as well as the funding to support a more intensive program.

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How our programs work

Our programs are based on the latest evidence-based practices to achieve the best results. 

We start each program by teaching the three foundational “learning to learn” skills of communication, toleration and collaboration.

Based on the child and family needs, we then deliver a tailored program of learning on new life skills such as communication, self-care, and social skills.  

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