The NDIS is increasingly recommending a keyworker model for the provision of early childhood intervention because it is shown to be more supportive of parents and more effective for the child. 

What is a keyworker?

A keyworker must be an early intervention specialist and is usually the therapist who provides most of your child’s day-to-day support. 

What does a keyworker do?

In addition to providing early intervention therapy, your keyworker will also become the central point of contact for the parents. 

They will coordinate and communicate with other professionals who are engaged with your child, such as allied therapists, educators or health professionals. 

The keyworker will bring together all recommendations into a single plan with clear goals that meet the needs of your child and family.

What are the benefits of a keyworker?

There are four main benefits to having a keyworker: 

Why choose Lizard as my keyworker?

If you choose Lizard as your keyworker, then your family’s Therapy Supervisor will take on the keyworker role.  

 All Lizard Therapy Supervisors are specialists in early childhood intervention. They are also experienced in working in a team-based therapy model. 

 We will work with your existing family therapists, whether speech therapists or occupational therapists (or any others). 

We understand the importance of intensive therapy for faster skill development. At Lizard, our central scheduling team is dedicated to streamlining administrative processes, ensuring your investment goes directly into valuable therapy, optimising both time and resources.

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How our programs work

Our programs are based on the latest evidence-based practices to achieve the best results. 

We start each program by teaching the three foundational “learning to learn” skills of communication, toleration and collaboration.

Based on the child and family needs, we then deliver a tailored program of learning on new life skills such as communication, self-care, and social skills.  

What if I still have questions?

You can also contact our Enquiries Team at any time. They will be happy to discuss the keyworker model with you and answer your questions. They can be reached on:

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