Lizard parent’s personal experience

One of our Lizard Parents has taken the time to answer some questions and share with us her experience of raising not one but two children with autism.

What does your children love to do?

I have two sons with Autism, and they are very different, very beautiful people.

James can love with such passion it can be overwhelming. He loves to do anything involving movement and (of course) the iPad. James loves to control everything.

Jack is gentle and has an incredible imagination. He loves to dress up and do any kind of role play. His world is often darkened by a brother he both adores and at times despises.

What has been the biggest challenge for you?

We now no longer wipe spit off our faces and we get more kisses than we ever dreamed possible!

The biggest challenges for me have been:

  • Finding the ‘right’ school for my sons
  • Striking a balance between their respective individual needs and those of their baby sister
  • Identifying Jack’s autism which looked completely different to James’ presentation
  • Staying sane
  • (last but not least) Watching one son bully the other and try to control everything the other does

If you look back to your past self when all things were not going to plan, what would you say to yourself?

Things will get better !
I can remember thinking one day, that things could only get better because they couldn’t possibly be any worse! Now I can laugh about this!

What has been the greatest reward for you?

Seeing each of my sons learn appropriate behaviours, learn how to stop and think, and feeling the gap between us getting smaller each month and each week.

What has been or is the greatest milestone for your children?

For James, the greatest milestone has been learning how to learn. When we started this process, James appeared to have ‘learning difficulties’ but he just needs to be taught the “right” way and he can learn anything. Lizard and our amazing O.T have helped with this.

For Jack, the greatest milestone has been him learning how good it feels to do the right thing! Jack’s compliance is a joy (he was the one who used to run away from me constantly!) and I feel safe taking him out now. He gets so much joy from my praise when he does what I’ve asked him to do. He now often does things without me even having to ask, which is a joy to me!

Is there anything else you’d like to add or share with us?

Lizard has changed James’ life, Jack’s life and our family’s life. O.T has helped a lot too. We now no longer wipe spit off our faces and we get more kisses than we ever dreamed possible!

I feel that we have our sons on the correct path to each meet their own potential, whatever that may be, in the shape they choose. I am now able to see they will grow to be independent adults.


Thank-you to this Lizard parent for sharing with us the journey which many parents may face or are currently facing.

It is important to remind all parents that you are not alone.

Here at Lizard Centre, our incredible team will work with you to help your child reach their full potential.

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Published On : May 20, 2022

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