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I started with Lizard a little over a year ago and coming from a very corporate background, this was an exciting organization to become a part of. My knowledge of ABA was limited but it was fantastic to learn about, and it was even more interesting seeing therapy in action throughout the centre so that I could start recruiting Lizard Behaviour Therapists to support our gorgeous Lizard clients and their families.

Recruiting for Behaviour Therapists is like no other recruitment role I have ever experienced before. I have come across some amazing and fascinating people during my time. What is so interesting about these potential therapists is the variety of their backgrounds and working experiences that leads them to wanting to come and work with us. It certainly makes interviews interesting and the favourite part of my role!

So, what am I looking for in a potential candidate? Any time I am asked this question its always the same answer – a passion & enthusiasm in wanting to make a difference in children’s lives! Sure, there are other attributes such as energy, imagination, resilience, and empathy to name a few, but passion & enthusiasm are attributes I have found great therapists to display consistently throughout the process. From the initial phone call to interview and then even in our ABA workshop (which our workshop trainers love to see!).

Something I like to understand from the very beginning is the motivations behind applying to become one of our therapists. One of the most common motivations I hear is they are wanting to get hand’s on or real-world experience. Through conversations with people they say to me all the time that a lot of opportunities working in the sector are looking for you to already have experience under your belt – so how do you get experience without having experience? This is what I love about recruiting Behaviour Therapists because it provides an opportunity for you to get amazing hands on experience, comprehensive training in ABA and the rewarding experience of making a difference in the lives of children. And you never know you may just find a new career…..

In summary, are you in need of some real ‘hands on’ therapy experience and do you have the following attributes?

  • The Passion and enthusiasm to make a difference to a child and their family
  • The energy and imagination to make therapy fun (playful)
  • Empathy for the client and their families
  • Resilience to make a difference even through challenges

If you answered yes, give us a call today.

Published On : October 12, 2020

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